Don’t Listen to Your Parents

In a conversation with a friend of mine who I would class as a quite successful person, a very interesting comment was made around making decisions. 

“Never listen to your parent’s advice!”

Intrigued by that comment, I questioned him as to what he meant.

 His response was quit short and direct.

“How much knowledge do your parents have on that topic? Have they been successful in implementing ‘insert topic’? Is there response to any question always the ‘safe option’?

I have been thinking about these responses over the last couple of weeks and I now completely agree with them. What is a parent’s natural reaction to their offspring? “PROTECT”. So protecting you is their aim. Will they encourage you to do the things they didn’t do so you can achieve the level of greatness you desire and deserve?

From a professional standpoint, I would say without one second of doubt that nearly all people follow in their parent’s shoes when it comes to their financial habits and beliefs. Great news though, you CAN break these habits and beliefs.

Think to yourself, “Who are the major influencers in making my financial decisions?” Then ask yourself, “Are these people/this person the best people/person to ask?” 

Some of you are now probably thinking, “If I don’t ask them, who should I ask?”

I believe that the key starting points would be someone who:

  • Is knowledgeable in the area.
  • That you trust to give you honest feedback.
  • You can sit and explain your current position to.
  • That you do not feel scared to explain your goals to. (HUGE POINT)

If you are still a bit stuck, maybe try and think of people that you know who have done something similar and ask them who helped them.

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